Movie Review::English Vinglish- Winner-Shinner all the way!


Loneliness and disbelief is a combination which all of us have faced at some point in our life. These are times when you are scared of every small happening around you and the slightest setbacks hit you hard. English Vinglish is a tale which talks about conquest of such disbelief. English Vinglish is a movie for those people who have experienced a nullified presence of gratitude from others in their lives. English Vinglish is a movie which every Indian can relate to. English Vinglish is a movie for everyone, young and the old!

Sashi Godbole(Sridevi) is the perfect Indian house-wife whom you can find in your apartment. Apart from magnificently managing her duties of a wife and a caring mother; she also pursues her interest of being an entrepreneur, making and delivering yummilicious laddoos to her clients. But she has a big problem of her own. She does not know English. This results in her being constantly mocked by her husband and daughter. Sashi gulps it all thinking of it as part and parcel of life. But when she gets a chance to visit New York, she decides to stand up and erase this shortcoming from her life. Rest of the story is beautifully woven around Sashi’s journey from Mumbai to Manhattan.
The cinema-hall in which  I watched the movie had 3 different generations of people. Two of them had just come there to watch the enigmatic Sridevi and am damn sure they would have loved every scene of English Vinglish as it has Sridevi at her very best. Her performance is bound to win awards and applause. Specially the climax where she delivers her speech at the wedding she is absolutely fantastic. The child playing her son chips in with one-liners which are whistle-worthy. The classroom cast truly stands out. Be it the Mexican woman explaining her reason as why she should learn  English or the South-Indian Rama( same actor in the in-famous muthra-visarjan scene of 3 Idiots) telling how much he misses his mother and Idli, the actors do complete justice to their roles. Big B is brilliant as usual in his cameo. Music by Amit Trivedi is pleasant to the ears. English Vinglish is Gauri Shinde’s child all the way. Being the writer of the movie  she makes sure every reel of the movie is exactly the way she visualized while writing the story. A talent to watch out for!
As I stepped out of the cinema-hall I had just one question lingering in my mind- Has the selection panel been too hasty in sending Barfi as a nomination to Oscars, I “believe” English Vinglish would have been an apt choice!

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